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"It's time for the truth to be revealed."


Nothing about me is normal… 

…but what exactly is ‘normal’? Just because I have two dads and no mom, my name is Elliot Marcus Smith even though I’m a girl, and I was born from a test tube… 
Does that mean I’m ‘abnormal’? 

I say no. 

But the sudden abilities that have been appearing since I turned eighteen sure do. Wounds are healing quickly, my vision has changed, as has my strength, and my sensitivities to other people’s emotions have become severely heightened. Add all that to the fact that I have been forgetting moments of my day as if they never happened, and it’s obvious that something strange is happening to me. 

But what? What am I becoming?


Most Talked About !

Novel Desire


"Combining Charmed with Never Been Kissed"

- Amy McClung: Author of For the Love of Gracie



She wrote a plot, that she never expected to come true.


But then...David Wilkinson, the head jock of her High School, walked into one of her book signings and he not only read her book, but wants to know if it's based on him. Vivienne Miles doesn't know what to say. What would he say when he found out that she has had a crush on him since eighth grade?


When Viv finds out that she accidentally wrote a love spell in her book and it was activated on David, she worries that his feelings aren't real. So now, she has to find a way to break the spell and find out his true feelings... before her heart falls in love and shatters.


I was able to relate to the people in the story line as if it had happened to myself. I love the descriptions this author used and the way she made it so easy to fall in love with her characters.

Amazon reviewer, Crystal, on Novel Desire



Genevieve is  by far one of my favorite authors.

Amazon reviewer, Jessica

Who knew Christmas could be so sexy?

Ebooks Galore on Love Claus

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